*NOTE: Names and identifying characteristics have been changed to protect privacy.

As a high school health teacher, Rebecca* thought she would know immediately if her teenager, Chris, was using drugs. Not only was Rebecca familiar with the signs and symptoms of use, but she also knew all the “tricks” that teens use to dupe their parents.

So, when another mom called Rebecca to tell her that her child had confessed to selling oxycontin to Chris, Rebecca was a mix of shocked, humiliated, and concerned. A quick call to Chris’s pediatrician retrieved the following advice: “There is no way you are going to know for sure if Chris is using unless you drug test.”

Rebecca drove straight to the neighborhood drugstore to stock up on urine tests. Then came the near-gladiatorial battles. It seemed Chris always had some excuse, and on the rare occasions when Rebecca was able to get a sample, it was diluted it to throw off the results.

Rebecca used every incentive and threat she could think of to get Chris to comply, but after several weeks of screaming matches and driving back and forth to the store for more tests, it was clear that the system was not sustainable. Rebecca discovered what many frustrated and concerned parents already knew: traditional drug tests are confrontational, invasive, easily cheated, and above all, inconvenient.

Clearlee tests eliminate many of the inconveniences of traditional tests. Here are just a few ways that Clearlee is taking the conflict out of drug testing compliance:

Remote testing accessibility

Rebecca had to navigate work, school, and activity schedules in order to test Chris. It was hard to find a time when she and her teenager were both home, much less when Chris was able to test! Clearlee tests can be completed anywhere, anytime. All that’s necessary is a Clearlee testing kit, a smartphone, and Wi-Fi or cellular connection.

Cheat-proof, app-guided process

Clearlee’s tests are saliva-based, with no known way to cheat or adulterate. Sample collection is authenticated by a combination of facial recognition technology and human review. The Clearlee app provides step-by-step instructions for a simplified testing process.

Feeling hopelessanxiouslostangryconfusedfrustratedisolated?

We’ve been there.

Clearlee offers three tiers of testing programs, varying in test frequency and program duration. Explore our options below and find what works best.


Clearlee tests are packaged discreetly and delivered straight to your door. No more awkward and time-consuming trips to the drug store! And Clearlee tests can be completed from the comfort of your own home– making them a particularly attractive option for teens who value their privacy.


Clearlee empowers your loved one to take control of their own testing. No more going head-to-head every time a sample is needed! Clearlee sends a notification when it’s time to test. Your loved one then has 8 hours to take and submit the sample. This shifts the accountability and puts you in the role of support person versus testing police!


Clearlee’s tests are random, meaning that your loved one won’t be able to prepare by using detox pills or other methods of “flushing” their system. Moreover, Clearlee’s tests can be completed 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, unlike laboratories with limited schedules.

Rapid turnaround

Standard drug tests can take up to 3 days to produce results. Clearlee releases results in approximately 1 hour, offering an accurate and immediate picture of recent use. This means more timely conversations and earlier interventions, when necessary.

As Rebecca and Chris can attest, the confrontation and inconvenience associated with traditional drug tests make them unsustainable as a long-term monitoring method. Clearlee replaces the battleground of testing schedules and sample collection with a convenient, user-friendly system. The integration of facial recognition technology and step-by-step instructions ensures accurate sample collection. Randomization adds reliability, further eliminating the possibility of test manipulation. Finally, with round-the-clock accessibility and rapid results, Clearlee offers parents and their loved ones a path of proactive support and open dialogue instead of inconvenience and conflict.

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Clearlee is the perfect companion for organizations and professionals involved in substance use detection, recovery, compliance, and care. Our partnership programs will streamline your operations, deliver timely and reliable test results, and encourage your clients to hold themselves accountable in your collective pursuit of long-term wellness.

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