Drug tests have long been used in court for a variety of purposes– for example, to monitor compliance with court-ordered abstinence. Historically, courts have relied on urine-based tests for their drug monitoring needs. But as both court officers and test takers know, urine tests are inconvenient, inefficient, and easily adulterated.

Thankfully, there are now additional options to traditional urine tests. Saliva tests, in particular, are proving to be a powerful supplemental tool for court systems. This article will review the pros and “pain points” of different drug testing methods and discuss how Clearlee offers a convenient, efficient, and dignified addition to conventional tests.

1. Standard Urine Tests


  • Widely used
  • Detects drug use within 2-5 days for most drugs

Pain points:

  • Easy to cheat, dilute, or substitute
  • Does not provide information about current impairment
  • Often requires laboratory processing
  • Expensive
  • Takes up to 2 days to receive results
  • Invasive, inconvenient, and humiliating for participants, (consequently affecting compliance)

The “Clear” Solution:

Clearlee’s rapid saliva-based tests are simple to administer with no known way to adulterate. Instead of waiting 1-2 days for laboratory processing, results are available within one hour, facilitating earlier intervention when necessary. Finally, our saliva tests are non-invasive and can be completed in privacy, eliminating one of the most common pain points for drug testing participants.

2. Hair Tests


  • Provides a longer detection window (up to 90 days or more)
  • Difficult to adulterate or substitute

Pain points:

  • Requires specialized procedures for collection and analysis
  • Expensive
  • Takes time to receive results
  • Can not detect recent use

The “Clear” Solution:

Clearlee’s tests require no specialized equipment or trained personnel, making them a more affordable option for court programs. Moreover, our tests reflect recent drug use, within 1-2 days for most drugs.

Feeling hopelessanxiouslostangryconfusedfrustratedisolated?

We’ve been there.

Clearlee offers three tiers of testing programs, varying in test frequency and program duration. Explore our options below and find what works best.

Saliva tests


  • Widely accepted– for example, by the Department of Transportation (DOT)
  • Non-invasive and easy to collect
  • Detects recent drug use
  • No known way to adulterate
  • Rapid results (within one hour)
  • Applicable across a wide range of drugs
  • Affordable
  • 99% accurate

Pain points:

  • May not detect drug use >48 hours prior to sample collection

The “Clear” Solution:

Clearlee takes the convenience of saliva tests one step further by providing a remote testing option. Clearlee’s tests can be completed anytime, anywhere. All that is required is a wifi or cellular connection. The Clearlee smartphone app guides verifies user identity with facial recognition, then guides them through the sample collection and submission process. Test results are then verified by human review of recorded test footage. This makes Clearlee an optimal choice for individuals who must balance drug testing with caregiving, work, and other responsibilities.

The Secret to Drug Court Success

Drug courts reduce recidivism, save taxpayer money, and provide much-needed treatment to individuals with substance use disorders. Jurisdictions with drug courts have reduced crime rates, and treatment courts have proven to be 44 percent more effective than incarceration for the rehabilitation of non-violent offenders.

Mandated drug testing is an important component of this success. But testing can be a barrier to rehabilitation if it interferes with daily life. Individuals who must balance work and parenting responsibilities are less likely to comply with mandated testing if it requires traveling to a special facility or paying out of pocket for laboratory processing. Remote, rapid saliva testing offers an effective alternative to conventional monitoring methods. The convenience, affordability, and efficiency of saliva tests make them a perfect option for drug courts, who can then use urine-based tests as a backup, confirmation method when needed.


Mandatory drug testing is a crucial component of court-ordered rehabilitation programs. However, the success of these programs depends upon the availability of a convenient, efficient, and affordable drug testing option. Urine-based tests pose multiple challenges to compliance and are easily cheated. Rapid saliva tests offer a practical and effective supplement to traditional tests. Clearlee’s saliva tests require no specialized equipment or training and can be completed remotely, eliminating the need to travel to a laboratory or other facility for supervised testing. If you are looking to improve compliance with a compassionate, flexible, and accurate drug testing option, find out what “detection with dignity” can do for you!

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Clearlee is the perfect companion for organizations and professionals involved in substance use detection, recovery, compliance, and care. Our partnership programs will streamline your operations, deliver timely and reliable test results, and encourage your clients to hold themselves accountable in your collective pursuit of long-term wellness.

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