For decades, companies and organizations have used drug testing to ensure safe work environments. Whether as a part of pre-employment screening, a response to accidents on the job, or as a condition for ongoing employment, drug tests deter employee drug use and promote wellness.

While some employers use traditional urine tests for drug monitoring, others are turning to more innovative methods like rapid saliva tests. Saliva-based tests provide a number of benefits to workplaces, including convenience, affordability, and a quick turnaround time. Here is a snapshot of what rapid saliva tests have to offer your business:

1. Immediate detection

Traditional urine tests require 1-2 days for processing. Clearlee’s rapid saliva tests deliver results within one hour, streamlining the hiring process and addressing the labor shortage head-on. The rapid turnaround time of saliva tests also facilitates earlier intervention for employees with drug use disorders, speeding recovery time and enabling them to return to work as soon as possible.

2. Accuracy

Clearlee’s rapid saliva tests are 99 percent accurate, and they can detect the presence of a wide range of drugs, including cocaine, opiates, and amphetamines. Moreover, unlike urine tests, there is no way to cheat or adulterate saliva tests. This high level of accuracy is crucial for safety-sensitive industries, such as transportation and construction.

3. Convenience

Rapid saliva testing is more convenient than traditional urine testing. Clearlee’s saliva tests can be administered on-site, eliminating the downtime associated with traveling to and from a laboratory. No special equipment, facilities, or trained personnel are required! Everything you need is included in Clearlee’s compact and portable drug testing kits.

4. Remote testing

Since the COVID pandemic, more workplaces have switched to hybrid or fully remote schedules. If you are looking for a way to remotely test your off-site employees, Clearlee has the solution! Our tests can be completed anywhere there is a cellular or wifi connection. The Clearlee smartphone app guides employees through the sample collection process, using a combination of facial recognition technology and human review to verify results.

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Clearlee offers three tiers of testing programs, varying in test frequency and program duration. Explore our options below and find what works best.

5. Affordability

Because rapid saliva tests do not require expensive laboratory equipment or storage facilities, they are more affordable than traditional urine testing. This translates to significant savings for employers. Clearlee offers multiple drug testing programs at different price points to suit your organization’s specific needs.

6. Privacy

Rapid saliva tests can be completed in privacy, eliminating the need for supervised testing. The sample collection process is simple and can be completed in about 20 minutes. This preserves employee dignity, ultimately promoting a more respectful workplace.

What workforces can benefit from remote saliva testing?

Rapid saliva tests offer speed to hire and convenience for any industry. Because results are available within one hour, you can move qualified candidates through the hiring process more quickly. This efficiency is particularly well-suited for industries that employ gig workers or temporary labor.

The convenience of rapid saliva tests means that your employees can spend more time on task and less time traveling to and from laboratories for supervised testing. If your workforce is remote, they can complete Clearlee’s sample collection and submission process quickly, easily, and in complete privacy. This facilitates an atmosphere of autonomy and trust in addition to improving your company’s bottom line.


If your organization requires immediate, non-invasive, and on-the-spot drug testing, rapid saliva tests are the method for you. By providing “detection with dignity,” Clearlee’s drug monitoring programs can help you create a safe, healthy work environment that values employee autonomy and privacy. As companies continue to adapt to post-COVID norms, remote saliva tests offer a convenient, efficient, and affordable alternative to the drug testing methods of the past.

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Clearlee is the perfect companion for organizations and professionals involved in substance use detection, recovery, compliance, and care. Our partnership programs will streamline your operations, deliver timely and reliable test results, and encourage your clients to hold themselves accountable in your collective pursuit of long-term wellness.

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