In the days before computers, the best we could do at random selection was to roll a die or pick names out of a hat. There probably are a few teachers who still use the latter method and students who try to cheat the system by writing their names on multiple slips.

Fortunately, there are now more effective methods of random selection, such as computerized random number generators. With these programs, each option has a truly equal chance of being chosen, no “favorites,” no excuses. Why is randomization important when it comes to drug testing? Because it eliminates predictability and attempts to “schedule” use around test times.

A true, active addiction will eventually “tell” on itself with a positive test result, but why wait for the problem to potentially get worse? Random testing, when done properly, is also an excellent deterrent to use.

Clearlee uses a random number generator to choose the testing dates and times of day for all of our programs. This means weekends, holidays, and birthdays are just as subject to testing as workdays. There is no predictability to our programs. Random testing provides your loved one with consistent accountability, in contrast to more traditional tests, which are subject to laboratory business hours, often missing the days that drug use is most likely to occur.

Okay, so Clearlee randomly chooses the day and time of the test. Then what?

The Clearlee smartphone app sends your loved one a text notification when it is time to test, allowing 8 hours in which to complete sample collection. The app guides your loved one step-by-step through the sample collection process, authenticating the results with a combination of facial recognition technology and human review. Once the results have been authenticated, they are sent to your loved one and the people in their support network. This typically occurs within an hour of sample collection.

Are the results hard to read/understand?

Unlike the tests you take at a  onsite laboratory facility or doctors office, which often give a range of levels within a collection , Clearlee eliminates any need for guesswork by providing a positive or negative result. Your loved one and support network will receive clear, easy-to-interpret results.

Feeling hopelessanxiouslostangryconfusedfrustratedisolated?

We’ve been there.

Clearlee offers three tiers of testing programs, varying in test frequency and program duration. Explore our options below and find what works best.

How often will my loved one be tested, and for how long?

Clearlee offers a variety of programs to meet your family’s unique needs. The most popular is our Accountability program, which includes 5 random tests per month. If your loved one needs more frequent testing, we offer an Accountability Plus program with 9 random tests per month. And when scaled-down testing is appropriate, you can switch to Clearlee’s Maintenance program– 7 tests over 3 months.

Accountability and Accountability Plus are renewed monthly, while the Maintenance program is renewed quarterly. While we recommend a minimum of 90 days for first-time drug monitoring, you can cancel at any time. In addition, if you are not completely satisfied after your first test, we offer a money-back guarantee, so long as you report your dissatisfaction in writing within 24 hours and return the unused portion of your enrollment kit.

Will random testing really help my loved one to get better and/or stay healthy?

There are many factors that affect an individual’s recovery from a drug use disorder. However, studies show that monitoring therapy (a.k.a. random drug testing) promotes treatment adherence, which is a key factor in both positive outcomes and long-term wellness.


Random drug testing has proven to be a valuable tool in promoting positive outcomes and long-term wellness. Whether your loved one is just starting their recovery journey or looking for a way to stay on track, Clearlee has a program that is right for your family. With true randomization and a simple, guided sample collection process, Clearlee provides accurate, rapid, and dependable results to help your loved one get and stay healthy.

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Clearlee is the perfect companion for organizations and professionals involved in substance use detection, recovery, compliance, and care. Our partnership programs will streamline your operations, deliver timely and reliable test results, and encourage your clients to hold themselves accountable in your collective pursuit of long-term wellness.

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