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The effective, tech-enabled remote drug monitoring solution

Finally, a drug testing tool for the telehealth sector.

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Ready to tell your clients about Clearlee
Outcome Driven Design

Outcome-Driven Design

Our salvia tests are highly accurate, with a 99% success rate, exceeding industry standards for this type of test. Our collection process provides clear and simple step-by-step instructions for each individual to follow, ensuring stronger compliance than traditional testing. Then, our results are thoroughly reviewed by real humans to guarantee accuracy, giving you reliable and dependable results.

Empowering, Compassionate Care

At Clearlee, we understand that traditional drug monitoring can be a challenging and distressing experience for clients. That’s why we’ve developed a solution that prioritizes privacy and respect, encouraging individuals to take charge of their own wellness. We believe that by creating a compassionate and supportive environment, we can help individuals on their journey towards long-term wellness.

Detection With Dignity

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