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The convenient and compassionate remote drug monitoring solution for:

  • Treatment providers

  • Sober Living Homes

  • Recovery Ministries

Remote drug monitoring solution

Clearlee is ideal for later phase recovery programs and discharge plans. We know the real work begins when clients phase out or leave treatment — and we’re here to assist in this critical time of transition.


Innovative Late-Phase Onsite Testing

As clients begin working and interacting offsite, getting them to test becomes increasingly time-consuming and difficult. Save the headache and digitize the process to receive results at your fingertips and encourage stronger outcomes. Whenever it’s appropriate for clients to begin using their smartphones, it’s the perfect moment to introduce Clearlee.


The Ultimate Support Tool At Discharge

Giving a client a touchpoint of accountability with your program as they reintegrate can truly be a gift. When you onboard a client to Clearlee before they even leave treatment, it seamlessly extends your service at minimal cost or effort to your organization. Get forensic outcomes on the success of your program and find out who is thriving and who may need more help — all at the touch of a button.


The Cost-Effective Way To Step Down

For clients who can’t afford- seems undignified. Treatment is costly – or simply don’t want to — Clearlee provides a feasible, effective way to keep them on track as they get back to their lives.


A Discharge Planner’s Dream

We’re here to streamline procedures with our evidence-based monitoring therapy that employers clients to hold themselves accountable, leading to better outcomes and brighter futures.

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Evidence-based practice

Evidence-based practice demonstrates
that long-term monitoring, coupled
with the right therapy and support, can
provide an 80% success rate in long
term recovery. Clearlee can help you
and your clients reach important goals.

Detection With Dignity

We won’t sugar-coat it: Traditional drug monitoring is often inconvenient, stressful, and punitive for clients. Clearlee is the solution that brings privacy and respect to the process, because we believe improving the drug monitoring process will clear the path toward long-term wellness for all.

Detection With Dignity

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